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QTP stands for QuickTest Professional, a product of Hewlett Packard (HP).

This tool helps testers to perform an automated functional testing seamlessly without monitoring once script development is complete.

  • QTP Basics
    • Introduction to QuickTest Professional (QTP)
    • Working with QTP Keyword View and Expert view
    • Adding Standard Steps From Keyword View
    • Conditional & Loop Statements in Keyword View
    • Moving Steps and Dealing with Breakpoints
    • Understanding QTP Record and Run Settings
    • How QTP Identify Objects Uniquely?
    • Recording Modes, Object Spy and Repositories
    • VB Scripting programming
    • Mini Project
  • QTP Checkpoints
    • Use of Password Encoder and Active Screen
    • Expert View, Step Generator and Checkpoints
    • Inserting Standard and Image Checkpoint
    • Inserting Bitmap and Text Checkpoints in Tests
    • Using Text Area, Table, and Page Checkpoints
    • XML, Accessibility, and Database Checkpoints
    • Mini Project
  • Test Automation Frameworks
    • Automation Frameworks Basics
    • Automation Frameworks Advance
    • Mini Project
  • Enhance Your Tests
    • Parameterization Basics
    • Parameterization Advance
    • Actions and Function Libraries
    • Using QTP Object Repositories
    • Smart Object Identification & Test Result Analysis
    • Virtual Objects and Recovery Scenarios
    • Descriptive Programming
    • Mini Project
  • Real Time Project