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Core Java

Java is a General Purpose, class based, object oriented, Platform independent, portable, Architecturally neutral, multithreaded, dynamic, distributed, Portable and robust interpreted Programming Language

Core Java: Part 1

  • Object Oriented Programming Concepts
    • Inheritance, Overriding, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Interfaces, Packages
    • Java Basics - Variables, Operators, Expressions, Statements & Blocks, Control Flow Statements, Annotations, Files and I/O Operations
    • Mini Project

Advanced Java: Part 2

  • Data Structures, Collections & Generics, Serialization, Sending Email, Multi-Threading, Networking, Applet Basics with Mini Project
  • Servlets
    • Overview, Environment Setup, Life Cycle, Form Data, Client Request, Server Response, Http Codes, Writing Filters, Exceptions, Cookies Handling, Session Tracking with Mini Project
  • Database Access with Mini Project
  • File Uploading, Handling Date, Page Redirect, Hits Counter, Auto Refresh, Sending Email with Mini Project
  • Packaging, Debugging and Internationalization with Mini Project
  • JSPs
    • Overview, Environment, Architecture, Life Cycle, Syntax, Directives, Actions, Implicit Objects, Client Request, Server Response, Http Codes, Form Processing with Mini Project
  • Writing Filters with Mini Project
  • Cookies Handling, Session Tracking, File Uploading, Handling Date, Page Redirect with Mini Project
  • Hits Counter, Auto Refresh, Sending Email
  • JSP Advanced
  • Standard Tag Library, Database Access with Mini Project
  • XML Data, Java Beans with Mini Project
  • Custom Tags, Expression Language, Exception Handling, Debugging
  • Security, Internationalization with Mini Project

EJBs: Part 3

  • Overview, Environment, Create Application, Stateless Beans, Stateful Beans, Persistence, Message Driven Beans
  • Annotations, Callbacks, Timer Service, Dependency Injection, Interceptors
  • Embeddable Objects, Blobs/Clobs, Transactions
  • Security, JNDI Bindings, Entity Relationships, Access Database, Query Language
  • Exception Handling, Web Services, Packaging Applications
  • Mini Project

Latest Trends: Part 4

  • Any one application framework like Struts/JSF/Spring core
  • Difference between SOAP and REST webservices
  • How to consume SOAP and Rest services
  • How to develop REST Services and how publish them
  • Mini Project on storing and retrieving data from database using JPA
  • Cloud Computing

Live Project: Part 5