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Caliber Smart


Caliber Smart


"The innovative idea of IT experts and software engineers to enhance the skills of students who fail to get the job even after working very hard to get the professional degree and masters degree"

Now a day, even with a master or bachelor degree it is very hard to get a job though there are job opening in the market this might be due to the increased ratio of job opening to the job aspirants or due to the lack of the skills they are acquiring from the existing educational system.

In each and every aspect of life there is a huge competition particularly in jobs, because the job aspirants who comes out every year are increasing drastically in number than job openings. To compete the existing main tool is skills there is no such a place where you get multiple skills under one roof.

The main intention behind the design of career path

"caliber smart" is to provide multiple skills to the student in the growing world of competition in getting a job.

The integration of multiple skills in a single path provide student to fetch in multiple areas of IT and Govt. sectors.

Title Course Time Spent Time Status
1. Java 15:30 13:80 Start Soon
2. Hadoop 15:30 13:80 Start Soon
3. Security Testing 15:30 - Start Soon
4. Aptitude & Reasoning 15:30 13:80 Start Soon
5. soft_skills 15:30 - Start Soon