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About Us



Caliber is a dedicated training hub for enthusiastic students, which delivers tailor made programs especially for the people who want to expertise practically in various technologies.

At caliber we use different methodology to train our students and to make them technically sound to face the highly competitive IT industry.

Our training methodology.

  • Integrated Dual technology training

Our training methodology delivers in a integrated manner, consisting pair of a programming and on demand tool/technologies. This will mold you into a complete package ready to step in for a real time work in IT industry.

  • Training strategy
  • Conceptual
  • Practical
  • Assignment
  • Implemental

Our instructors

  • Instructor speciality (Primary & Secondary)

Our instructors will be provided for each subject, namely primary and secondary. caliber has highly expertise and certified instructors who has extensive training and real time projects experience. Primary instructor will basically train the students. The secondary instructor will basically assist the primary instructor during practical, assignment and implementation(project) session.

Caliber Social

All the registered students can join in Skype group for sending their queries, views, improvements directly to their respective groups which are mentored by the instructors.

Integrated dual training benefits

As we are focusing iteratively on integrated dual training module, that’s because we surely have list of benefits by adopting it.

On completion of this boot camp Program the student will equipped to get into software development or testing career.

Eliminates all the drawbacks of class room training sessions. Many students have grown in the same environment, and as per the experience it is not interactive enough, due to obvious reasons like:

  • Only theory
  • Unfocused practice sessions
  • No time for query resolution
  • No projects implementation
  • No assignments
  • No interview preparations

Eliminates drawbacks of traditional online training, which is very common now-a-days:

  • Technical communications hassles
  • Only theory
  • Unfocused practice sessions
  • No projects implementation
  • No assignments
  • No interview preparations

Why Caliber is unique?

  • Instructor experience - Training & Development
  • Training methodology
  • Latest technological trends
  • Post training support through social network
  • Use of state of the art technology in the classroom